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A Paydex score of 80 to 100 is considered the top level of creditworthiness for a company, therefore, it is important to do everything possible to make certain that your score meets or exceeds an 80 Paydex. Unlike FICO scores for individuals, a Paydex score is calculated on whether a business makes payments to its creditors and suppliers “as agreed” or “better than agreed”, which means payments are made before their due date.

During the 90-Day Process of obtaining your 80 Paydex on Dun & Bradstreet, we guide you through the process of making 4 or more credit payment experiences that will be required to achieve an 80 Paydex Score for your business. We will help you set up the right accounts based on your 80 paydex goals, guide you on the right charges to make, and then all you need to do is pay those charges off before the due dates as per our proven plan.

Industries That Benefit From Business Tradelines

Real Estate
Transport & Logistics

Business Credit & Finance planning

Our Business Credit program will help you get:

  • Vendor Accounts
  • Fuel Fleet Cards
  • Big Box Store Credit Cards
  • Company Credit Cards
  • Equipment Financing
  • Vehicle Financing

Business Credit development

You can transform your business credit in 90 days.

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